About Us

India-New England Business Council (INEBC) is the region’s major international business organization, which facilitates and promotes trade, investments and economic collaboration between India and the six New England states: Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Vermont. INEBC also provides networking opportunities among businesses and professionals involved in doing business with India.

Other goals and objectives of the INEBC include:

  1. Promote two-way trade between India and New England.
  2. Sponsor business, trade and investment delegations to and from India.
  3. Educate state authorities about trade and investment opportunities in India.
  4. Establish tie-ups with similar organizations and institutions in India and New England to gather and distribute information, and serve as a data and information bank for New England companies doing business with India.
  5. Organize and participate in official seminars, meetings and trade shows.
  6. Focus on infrastructure, pharmaceuticals, health care, life sciences, medical devices, venture capital, franchise, outsourcing, information technology, manufacturing, defense, export-import, hospitality, tourism, transportation, education and residential and commercial real estate.
  7. Organize networking meetings and seminars to promote bilateral trade and investments.